Swing Dance Workshop

Join Jeff and Capri for an introductory swing dance lesson! Everything you need to get moving on the social dance floor with iconic jazz-age moves for two! No partner required…it’s a social dance and you’ll be making friends!



Sssnap, with Granville Johnson and Jeff Postnikoff is drum poetry, musical storytelling, and improvised jazz. Afro-Traditional Roots & Blues and Djembe Funk for everyone!




“Our purpose is to empower aboriginal youth by passing on the knowledge of our people through music and storytelling.”- KASP

Rob Sawan knows struggle and the street intimately. Now he’s devoted his life to telling the stories from there to heal First Nations communities. The Penticton-based Cree rapper who records under the moniker K.A.S.P. worked his way up from a rough East Van youth rife with alcohol and drug abuse to become a motivational speaker. Through both music and oral narrative, he tackles topics such as learning legal rights, addictions and cyber-safety alongside finding your inner warrior, sharing life stories and building a better future. Source



Open Mind

Cam Novak a.k.a. Open Mind is an artist, social activist and story teller interested in spiritual exploration through the use of visual art and public engagement.


Tessa Mythos

Tessa Mythos moved by the mystic and symbolic elements of vision, and finds infinite meaning in story, legend and prophecy. Her work is based on and inspired by an ongoing study of mythology and spirit, and explores the inter-relationships of symbol between culture and nature.


Heather Dawn Sparks

Heather Dawn Sparks engages collective action and inspired participation through immersive sculptural and performative works. Her dreamscape environments vividly bring to life forms from nature and the sublime absurdity of play.

Winner of the Burning Man Global Arts Grant and the Kapow! Placemaking Grant, her most recent participatory art installation, Shadow Sail Theatre, captures the shimmering nuances of shadow art by combining plasma cut metal with intricate paper cuts, analog light projections, and live silhouettes.



Csetkwe Fortier

Csetkwe is a multi-gifted artist with her roots in the Syilx (Okanagan) and Secwepmec (Shuswap). She is a single mother with a full time job working for her Syilx Youth. Her arts practices include: Singing, storytelling, dancing, drawing, painting and working with her traditional materials. Csetkwe is the former front woman for the celebrated collective Skookum Sound System. She has shared creative spaces with other Indigenous Artists including: A Tribe Called Red, Lido Pimenta, Ostwelve, J.B The First Lady, Ryan McMahon, Mob Bounce, Lawrence Paul Yexwelupten, & the late Michelle Sereda.


Neil Vant

Neil Vant will be providing historical guided walks through Wells during ArtsWells. Interested in learning more about Wells’ history? The Gold Rush? Ask Neil.


Marin Patenaude with Cole Schmidt

Marin was raised in a house full of music and siblings in the small northern town of Horsefly, British Columbia. Much like the von Trapps, Marin and her sisters sang three-part harmony with their father and spent a large portion of their childhood touring festivals as the Patenaude Family. She spent many years bending her will under a whip-cracking opera trainer, resulting in many tears and three consecutive years with the highest-ranking Royal Conservatory exam scores in British Columbia. A voice like an angel with a soul too gritty for the classical world, she picked up a guitar and turned to writing as a source of counsel during the grey Vancouver winters, dabbling with songs about politics and environmental issues but with age has matured an unparalleled truth and honesty in writing about love. Sometimes we want to say something and don’t know how. Marin can sing it.



Jeanie Vant

My book is “Adventure in the Forest” dedicated to the Wells children. It is a story that features a remote lake in the Wells/ Barkerville area.


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Countdown to ArtsWells 2018


Pre-Fest Workshops

Come early to Wells and take part in a singing or songwriting workshop! More information on the Pre-Fest Workshops page here.

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